How to choose a webhosting

26 Mar 2009

On my previous post we already learn about the different between getting our own domain name and using a third level domain with others domain. And on that post Ive told you that for more personalized reason we better use our own web hosting.

So, the main problem for this is how to choose the right hosting for our need. We have to consider a lot of factor before we decide which hosting we are going to use. Be sure that we already check the reputation of the web hosting, check the reliability, check the uptime and other factor. thats why we need a lis of web hosting choice.

But to save our time, just simply go to, that will guide you to choose the right hosting for you. They have a complete directory from a simple blog hosting to a more complex such as a commerce hosting. And dont forget to check their top 10 hosting list. So all I can say is happy hosting hunting!





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