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3 May 2010

Have you seen taylor swift performance? This multi talented American pop country singer which is also happening to be a song writer is a diva. She is so beautiful and her performance is out of question. But, have you ever thinking watched her performance live? Here is I give you a hint, her closest performance will be held on May 7 2010 in Xcel Energy Center, Saint Paul, MN. So catch her show on this list and buy Taylor Swift tickets on line on acheapseat.

OR may be you are not the country song type of a person, and more like a jazz one. So you must be familiar with this pop jazz singer and actor, Michael Buble. You better prepare your self tou buy michael buble tickets online because his closest show will be held on May 22, 2010 in Arena di Verona piazza Bra, 28. OR you can check out his other show on that page.

But if you want to watch a new rising star, we already knew that you have to watch the American Idol. Its now on season 9 with ellen degeneres on the hot seat as a jury makes this show hotter than the last season. Me my self choose Siobhan Magnus, for the next American Idol. So, lets enjoy the show and if you thinking wtaching the show live, you can buy American idol tickets here on acheapseat.





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