7 Tips for Choosing a Paid Web Hosting

30 May 2011

Like it or not, web hosting is one vital key to a blog or website. And as you known, there is two type of web: free web hosting and paid web hosting.

I prefer paid hosting because of the flexibility and extra features. In addition, I also had read some articles stating some free web hosting has several problems which are very crucial.

But choosing a paid web hosting is not easy because there is a lot hosting providers with a variety of tempting offers. Thats why you need toread an online web hosting review site before choosing a hosting provider. Below are some considerations that are important to me in choosing a paid hosting:

1. How many customer they had
Of course, this parameter can be debated. However, for me the number of customers is important. The more the number of customers of a hosting provider, the better service and quality hosting provider. Logically, if the service is bad, the customer will be disappointed and leave the hosting provider.

2. Is there any famous Customer
From the number of subscribers, I want to know if there are world class bloggers or website that uses the hosting provider I want to choose. Thats why I ended up doing some online research and found that some bloggers who use the hosting world.

3. Servers speed
I wanted a website or blog that have a fast loading time. This makes my vistor comfortable, without having to wait for the slow loading time.

4. Bandwidth
Large bandwidth is required when we have a large number of visitors and a high number of page views. This is important for me because there are some blogs that I am setting for capturing thousands of visitors from social bookmark sites.

5. Price
I will not choose cheapest hosting, but I also will not choose an expensive hosting. To find out, I compare several hosting providers.

6. Customer Service
Professional hosting providers must pay attention to customer service. Therefore, I tried to contact customer service via chat hosting provider to ask a few things that I wanted to know. Good response shows professionalism.

7. Can Add On Domains
Add on domain is a domain that is added in a single hosting account. Thus, we can have some multiple blogs within one account at no additional cost.

That\’s my tips in choosing a paid hosting.





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